Saturday, July 24, 2010

September 28, 2009

Dear Family,

Wells mom it sounds like you had a great time on the east coast. That would be fun do go do that too. To see where the prophet was born and all that cool stuff. It sounds way pretty over there. It is getting a little pritier here. Oh man i dont know how to spell anymore. That is so crazy that bryce has a date. That he is going to homecoming. Who is the girl? That is sweet. I was talking with my zone leader about before the mission stuff and we were talking about how we are never going to have that kinda life again. Enjoy it now bryce. Ha ha. That was kinda random that he had a paintball war in our yard. I can only imagine that mess that it could have maid. Were you now scared that you were going to have another broken window? Atleast they had fun. I got the video and the pictures of mac. I put in on my pen drive because this monitor stinks and i cant really see the picutres that well. So i will look at them later. Thanks though. At first i thought i didnt have that many pictures but ha ha it takes an elder like two hours to look at all my pictures that i have in photos and on my camera. I do really have a ton. But i still like seeing more. Ha ha. So this week was pretty good. We did divisions with the zone leaders. I went with elder wells in his area. Downtown san rafael. It was really fun. He is really funny and we had a good time. President really wants us to have fun when we are working and he gave me a really good example. He also taught me a lot about prayer. He has almost two years in the mission and doesnt talk very good but he prays with alot of faith. He prays in a way that is was personal. He taught me a lot with that. I like doing divisions because i learn a lot from my leaders. It kinda stinks though, in my district i have only sister missionaries. So we cant do divisions. I like doing divisions but we only do them every once in a while. When elder hinojosa and elder jesperson(from gilbert arizona) were in our area they found a guy named luis and his wife. They are awesome. I still dont really know them but they are way interested. I am really excited for them because we really dont have an investigator that is progressing we have a lot of people who we are teaching but they just dont want to progress. So you have to pray a lot that the people here will open their hearts for us so that we can bring these blessings that god wants to give them. Sunday was pretty bad. Argentines are just babies sometimes. Ok so on Saturday a cold front came in and so like all argentines if the weather changes they are going to get sick. So no one wanted to leave there houses on Saturday. Well Sunday was worse. It started snowing at like 6 in the morning. So they look out the window and see something white and they get scared and no one goes to church. Ha ha it was horrible. We had nine people in church. The bishop his son and a couple of people. NINE PEOPLE BECAUSE THERE WAS AN INCH OF SNOW ON THE GROUND. Every area had the same problem. In malargüe they had six people. It was horrible. So it has been really cold the past couple of days. I am not going to lie i am not at all jealus for brentons mission. Not at all. Ha ha. Today i think we are going to play ultimite freezbie. I am excited. Ha ha elder briseño doesnt want to play because he is to short. Maybe i will put him on my shoulders so he can reach the freezbie. Ha ha is in one funny elder from peru. Ok i know you all know and i want you to know that i am ok with the dear john i got this week. I could kinda feel in coming for that last like two months so i kinda prepared myself. I am fine. I am sad ya, we were together for a long time. But it is ok. I will be fine. I was really prepared for it. So dont worry. There is someone there for me at home. It now will just be harder to find her. It is better now becuase i wont have these thing in my mind wondering when she was going to do it. I am glad she did it. I love her a lot, a lot, but i guess it wasnt suposed to be. I always here that is you serve a good mission then you will get a good wife. So that is what i will be doing. Dont worry family i am ok. I love you all a lot. Have fun this week and be safe. Til next week.

Elder smith

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