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November 16, 2009

Dear Family,

Well to start out I am kind of mad because I can´t open all the movies and the pictures on the computer. We couldn’t go to a good computer because in the siesta is when all the kids go and play computer games so the missionaries don’t get good computers. That is pretty scary that grandma went to the emergency room. I hope everything in ok and I will be praying for her. Also Emily, that is nice that people can notice you are mormon by the way you dress. That is a really good thing. So next week I will look at all the things about mac. That is scary that people have the swine flu. Do they have good medications there? I am pretty sure they don’t have good medication here for that. So lets hope I don’t get it next winter. I keep forgetting that you are in winter. It is getting pretty hot. Which I love, in jenna´s letter she asked me if I was warm enough. I am sleeping in shorts and have a fan blowing on me all night sweting to death. Ya I am warm. Everyone might be cold (especially brenton) but not me. Today we played soccer and risk. It is a good thing we played soccer earlier because it is a pretty warm day.

I had a really good week. I did divisions with the zone leader twice, his name is elder wells. It really shows how a person can change in the mission. He was a trouble maker when I first met him and now he is one of the best missionaries that I know. We had an awesome time. We worked hard and saw a lot of miracles. I am not going to lie, it is a little harder with a new missionary because they don’t help out as much, but I am learning a lot. But I just love working with this elder. He teaches so well and is teaching me a ton. It is nice I live with him and he helps me out a lot. We have a lot of fun. We are pretty good friends now. On pday we go together and my companion goes with the latin which helps his Spanish. Well this week we went to a reference from a member in a place called LA ISLA. It is an awesome place but we cant go in at night because it is pretty dangerous. So we go in and leave at about 6 or 7. we found a really good family that one of the daughters is getting baptized si o si (translates yes or yes, it is a saying for surely). I am really excited, we have a appointment with then tomorrow. We have a lot of people we are working with right now. I really don’t want to leave this area, I love it. Transfers are already next Monday, which scares me. I don’t want to leave. We have a lot of people but this week we had stake conference so it was a little harder to get people to church because it was farther. We left two hour early to go pick people up, but one forgot to set an alarm so they weren’t up and the other got sick. Ya bad luck. But we were showing God that we want miracles. We went and walked for about an hour and half to get them and it didn’t work out. But next week for sure it will. They all can use this so much in their lives. Also this weekend elder quebbeman got sick so we couldn’t work as hard. But I was not staying in the house, I hate it, so I pushed his limp little body to the church and he sat in the grass and I talked with people that walked infront of the church. I don’t like not doing anything. So he got to rest and I got to work. Not very effective work but it is better then just staying in the house.

So I am almost done with the new testament. I am in james. I love it. I love saying to all the catholic people that I have read the bible and I know. They never even have read the bible and just listen the priests. I don’t get why they believe in what they believe. I just don’t understand it. I love talking with people that say they are Catholics though. I ask them why they are catholic, did you ask God if you should be catholic? They always answer, well did you ask God if you should be mormon? And my companion and I both answer SÍ. They got so surprised at it. But really I love knowing the I asked god and I know for sure. You can see them thinking it out through their heads and in the future they will listen. That church is just so big here. Also we tried to go into a Baptist church yesterday because a pastor from the states came, bill smith, but the pastor said no because we are mormons and he dosnt want to confuse the people. I just love the fear that I saw in his eyes when he saw me and my companion. He knows we have something that will change the lives of the people there in that church and that is why he didn’t let us go in. but I am pretty sure in the bible it says not to deny anyone from entering into the church of Christ. Oh well, it was still fun trying to get in.

So I have had a really good week and I have set a goal about using the priesthood more. I gave some really good blessings this last week. I blessed three people including my companion and every single person could see a major difference after they were blessed. It is so important to be worthy to use the priesthood and it is was I am working on everyday. Well I hope my next week in just as good or better. I love the mission and I love being a missionary. I will never have this chance again. I love you all. Have a good week.


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