Saturday, July 24, 2010

March 22, 2010

Hey Family,

You went to six flags!!!! i would have never guessed that one. that is so cool. i loved six flags. it was so much fun. the funnest activity i have ever done with a group of friends. Tatsu is a crazy roller coaster. it is pretty creepy but i loved it. that is so cool that you saw justin hargrave. what is he up to. bryce you nena (girl), how did you now like 6 flags. it is amazing. ha ha.

i still cant believe that garret is marrying a girl from ecuador. ha ha. i want to see his wedding pictures. oh and who is the label girl again at lehi valley. i want to know who steve married. oh steve. is he still at lehi valley. that is crazy.

so uncle lewis took a fall on his dirt bike. that stinks. i am glad he is ok. even though they are dangerous they sure do call my attention. here in argentina there are a ton of motorcycles. o ton. and no one has a helmet. well they have one because it is a law and they can get a ticket if they dont have one. but the funny this is that they just put it on their arm. the people who drive motorcycles here are crazy too. they can put a whole family of five on a little motorcycle. ha ha i should take a picture. it is pretty funny. they just squeez all their kids on there nice and tight and hope they dont fall off.

Brett should be fine there in milluakee. the last missionary that i trained elder williams he was in chicago for a transfer and then came here. it was hard at first to have the change but them he adapted and was fine. but i think where brett is going is a little bit more poor. ha ha. so ya it might be harder. but he will be ok. it makes you appreciate what we have in the states. confort.

so we found out who did the joke on us. it was just the other apartment of elders down the road. they had the land lord help them and that is how they got in. it was pretty funny. but i thought that i lost my camera and that was not funny.

so the latest news with march madess. WE ARE IN THE FINALS!!!! we were playing san juan this last week and we both had an amazing week. we got the most points out of the whole month and we only beat them by 17 points. if a missionry is san juan would have opened his mouth with only 10 more peopel the would have won. it was so nerve recking last night. the whole zone was in our apartment waitng the call of the assistants. the called us up and said that we had 1619 points and san juan had 1652. i thought that we lost. but he said that our zone has more baptismal dates so we got 50 extra points and won. the whole zone is so excited. we have to win one more week and we are going to mendoza for dinner with president lindahl and a shirt of Locura de Marzo. we are all so excited. The Lord is blessing us so much with people to teach it is amazing. not only are we doing good but we broke a record as a mission and had more then 200 people in church. it was amazing. our zone should be baptizing 11 people this weekend. elder mendoza and i are baptizing 4 and and we are so excited.

saturday night we all we counting how many people we were going to have in church and it was like 25 people. we were all excited and everything and went to bed. i woke up and opened the window and it was raining. my heart dropped. argentines are so scared of the rain. i was a little nervous about the investigators and we said and pray and hoped everything would be ok. well we have 19 people in church. we did really good. the zone is so excited. one more week. we are just going to keep doing what we were doing before. working hard.

we found a lot of good people this week. we are teaching this little family and this girl named Romina read the pamphlet and prayed. she got a strong answer. it was a really good lesson with her. she just couldnt go to church. we will get here there next week. we are just going to keep working hard and pray for these eleven people that are going to get baptized this weekend. i hope everything goes well. i love you all so much and hope you all have a good week. dont forget to tell me about steve.

les amo mucho.

elder smith

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