Friday, July 23, 2010

March 9, 2009

Dear Famiy,

Well it sounds like everyone is doing really well. Ya and that is weird that annie is married now. That is really weird. It just seems like life stays the same at home and nothing changes but that is wrong. But that is cool. And then Brittney is getting married. That’s really cool too. I think I met him before I left but I am not sure. I am happy she will be able to go through the temple pretty soon. I miss the temple a lot. I think I kind of took advantage of the temple so close before the mission. It is really a sacrifice for the people to go here. They have to take a bus to Buenos Aires or try to get to chilie but still it costs some money which a lot of argentines don’t have. We are lucky to have a temple so close to our house.

It is weird that Justin speaks so soon. It seems like he just told me he got his call. I am excited for him to be speaking Spanish. He will love it and he will love new york. And I cant wait to hear where brenton will be going. That would be awesome if it was here. Because president lindahl got a letter from the first presidency saying that they want this mission to be one of the biggest in south America. Right now we are like 150 missionaries and they want it to be a mission of 200. that would be amazing if he came here. Ha ha and president just wrote me saying ¨good progress, about time to be senior comp.¨ I don’t know what that means this transfer or next but I hope next. I want to learn the language a little more. But ya transfers are next week. I am pretty sure I will be leaving Bermejo, but I have liked Bermejo. The only problem is that it seems like I have knocked almost every door and talked to every person too. But we will see. That will be cool but I like it here. I finally know the area like the back of my hand. I know the area better then some members who have been living here for a long time. But that’s mission life. Oh and you can tell tanner judd that I live with the elders that work in Los Coralitos. They are way good and tell him that area is doing really well also. And elder macĂ­as served in one of his areas too and said it was doing really well..

Oh so I got the package you sent me. I got the sock and the candy and the letter. Thanks a lot. So Diego came to church again. He is way cool. We only have to drop the two cigarettes he is smoking a day and he is good. He has not drank for two weeks. He is stopping smoking tonight. But he is really good. She always says that he is so thankful that God put us in his path because he was going down hill. He is way ready for this change in his life. And we are ready for another baptism.

So this week in march madness we had a really good week. We only needed two more lessons last night and we couldn’t get them because we found an inactive family that took a long time. It was still good though. I had the best numbers of lessons and open the mouths then in my whole mission. We taught a lot and talked to a lot of people.

Ha ha dad I know how you feel about being sore. We played American football two weeks ago and I havnet ran that much in a long time. Man were we all sore after that. But it was a lot easier to run around with out forty more pounds. Why didn’t I lose all that sooner. Who knows.

Well this week I will send you some pictures. I will send one of two dogs that live on our road that just always get in fights and scare us. They are huge and also of my new jersey. Guess what tomorrow I have been out for 6 months!!!!!!!I love you all so much.

Elder smith

1. Elder Berezay and i with our jerseys
2. Elder Chase and i at a restaurant
3. Rocky and two face (the names of the dogs)

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