Saturday, July 24, 2010

March 15, 2010

Hola Familia,
i didnt even know that brett had visa problems. that is retarded. it is happening a lot here in argentina too. there are missionaires that come late to the mission all the time. i dont know why the countries just dont give them the visa´s. the other day i was thinking of the things that the church does for the countries. like here in mendoza mission. we dont earn any money here so we are only putting money into their economy. we help them so much. and we are making their people better. but who knows. but i will be praying for brett so he can get to brazil. he is going to love it. but it is pretty nice that he gets to go to the states. he will get to see the difference that there is from a state side mission and a southamerican mission. it is way different.
here it is still pretty hot. it is really weird the weather here. it is rainy and cold one day and then the next day it is hot and humid. you never know what is going to happen.
i really liked the backpack idea with the bishop and his counselors and all the auxilary leaders. i use an example like that when i am teaching the atonement. how each of us have a backpack and when we sin we can feel a weight on our shoulders. everytime we sin it is like putting a rock in the backpack. after time our backpack gets to be so heavy that you cant even support it. the only person to help us take out the rocks and make our lives easier is Christ. He can take the rocks out and help us have a better happier life. i like those two examples.
so a little about this week. our zone had an AWESOME week. we had a lot of people in church and we almost achieved every goal the mission has for the week. it was amazing. we are going to have another awesome week. we are in a competition right now. march madness. and we are fighting for the first place. dinner with president lindahl. we are doing really good we just have to keep doing good. our whole zone in so excited. everyone wants to work hard and we are doing it.
in church yesterday we had five people. 4 of them we want to be baptized on the 27th of march. we just have to be praying and being obedient. as a zone we look like we will be baptizing 4 this weekend and more then 7 next weekend. it is going to be close. right now we have to eliminat two zones in the next two weeks and we have it in the bag.
we are working with a lot of really good people this week. a lot of people that are recieving answers to their prayers and really progressing a lot. i am really loving it.
so on saturday we had a service project and we were going to the house in a members beat up old car. we turned the first corner and the whole car fell to the ground. i dont know what broke but it was really sad but also really funny. we never did really make it to the service project because it was pretty far.
so last night we got home and everything looked fine. i unlocked the door and we noticed that we had no refrigerater or microwave. we tried to turn on the light and the light bulb was gone. we hurried and checked the house to see if anyone was still inside and no one was. we were robbed. we have no refrigerater no microwave and my camera was gone. it was wierd thou. the house was locked up and none of the windows were broken. so we call the mission and we go into the other house where there was light to verify with the assistants. we go back to our house like ten minutes later and all the stuff was back in the house. i dont know who did it or how. but someone was messing with us. i hope someone will tell us who did it. oh well atleast we got everything back. it was just really werid.
well that was our week. we should be having another really good week. i am really excited. i hope everything goes well with these people.
i love you all so much.
chao chao

here are some pictures of a lot of things. when i got my trunky papers and a lot more. enjoy.

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