Saturday, July 24, 2010

February 17, 2010

Hola Familia mía,

Well it sounded like you all had a pretty interesting week. I am feeling a lot better right now. Friday night I started to get a cough and felt pretty weak. But then Sunday night is when it really hit me. On Sunday we took the four elders that were leaving home to the terminal and said our goodbyes. It was pretty sad that they were leaving the mission. Elder Deuel was a really good companion. But on Sunday night is when I started with the fever and it just would go away. With the fever I had diarrhea also. So I talked to the nurse and yesterday she had me get some medicine and right now I am feeling really good. To top it off this whole time that I have had diarrhea there all of a sudden has been problems in the bathroom with water. For some reason we have no water in the bathroom. This means every time I had to go to the bathroom and have to bring a bucket of water in from out side. Good thing I have good elders that lived with me and they helped me out a lot with the water and making sure I had everything that I needed. It was pretty boring for the other elders that had to stay with me. We were a companionship of 3 all weekend long. I don’t have a fever anymore. I still am pretty weak but I am going to be ok. This is really good because today starts off a new transfer. Oh and jenna don’t worry I will come and stay at your house for a little bit. That is pretty crazy that Robert Gardner is already married. I still can not believe that. Out of the group of friends I had in the Lehi 1st Ward, Justin Fox and I are the only ones not married. Jordan Jones and Robert Gardner already are. Oh well, I am glad I am here. That is pretty cool; I think I know who she is though. If it is the same girl he dated in high school, I can’t remember her name but I can remember her face. That’s crazy. Another question, I knew Weston was dating but I didn’t know he had a girlfriend in Utah. How long has he been dating her? I still can’t believe that he has changed that much. I love it. I bet he is so happy. Oh and about Valentines Day here, it stinks. Nothing happened. If no one would have told me I would have forgotten that it was Valentines Day. Sometimes Argentines can be boring when it comes to holidays. Oh well.

So this last week on Wednesday I got a call from President Lindahl. He let me know that the next transfer that they were taking the zone leaders out of our zone and that elder Mendoza and I are going to be the new zone leaders of Villa Mercedes. I am pretty excited. We have a really nice zone and I really love elder Mendoza. He is from Honduras and is really funny. So starting tomorrow we are going to be in a totally new area and zone leaders. My area is called Hipólito Irigoyen. We have a lot of good elders in our zone and we are going to do really good. Our zone already has baptized 6 and we are going for 8. we are only a zone of 5 companionships so that is a pretty good number.

We went to the Castro family to say our goodbyes. He is the one that got baptized on the 6th. Well when we were saying goodbye the sister told us a pretty cool story. She was waiting for 5 years for her husband to finally get ready for baptism. And she could tell he was getting closer. And when she heard that an elder from Arizona was coming she felt that that elder would be the one that would baptize him. She never told him this because she didn’t want to be pushing him. But what happened. When we got there he told us that he wanted to be baptized and we taught him. We were trying to get a member to baptize him but he picked me. The sister said when she heard that she just started crying. She was so happy her husband was finally getting baptized and they were on there way to the temple. I really love that family. They have a kid that is bryce´s age that is just awesome. They are a family that I am going to miss.

Well that is pretty much what happened this week. It was excited then turned to really boring when I got sick. But oh well. I hope you all have a really good week and I will write you again on Monday. Love you.


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