Saturday, July 24, 2010

November 9, 2009

Dear Family,

Well, mom I hope you are feeling better. That stinks that everyone is getting sick. That is never fun. I hope it will all go away. Here the weather is getting pretty weird too. We have one day that is hot and the other day where it is pretty cold. It has been really windy this last week. And there is a lot of pollen in the air so it is giving everyone allergies. Not only that, but the wind comes from all the emptiness from the west so it just brings in a lot of dirt which stinks when you are in the streets. But oh well, that is the life of a missionary in Argentina. That is cool that the stake center thing went well and that that lady took a rock for a memory keeper. Tell her to come back and take as much as she wants. It will help us out a little. That will be really cool to have the building right there and we better be going to that building. Not only that but we will always have to have our yard looking good for Sundays. Which never is a bad thing. That is really retarded that they are hindering the work on the temple. Why don’t they want us? We won’t be making a lot of noise in the temple, we will be dressed nice and it is a really calm place. Why wouldn’t they want it? I would so rather have that then a restaurant or something like that. I guess I just have been out of the world for so long I have forgotten about all those kind of problems. The good think about here is that everyone respects our church they just don’t want to go. They always say, ¨I am catholic, I respect your religion but I already have mine, you will love time with me.¨ at least they are really nice about it. People just kind of leave us alone. I think there is more hatred in the states for Mormons with what happened with the gay marriage thing. Which is retarded also. I was reading in the bible (I am in second Corinthians for the 1st time in my life) but Paul was talking about marriage and the homosexuality is horrible. I just don’t get how people can think that that is ok. I am glad I still have ten months in the mission before I have to go back to that.

That is crazy that Brett is going to the temple tomorrow. Wow time goes fast. When I left I think he was still in high school. Man that is weird. But that is really cool. He is going to like it a lot. Tell him to go as much as he can before the mission because it stinks when there is not a temple in the mission. It has been a year now that I have not been able to go and I can’t wait to go back to the temple.

Well my week has been really good. We have had a really good week missionary work wise and just having fun. My zone leader elder wells is a huge guy. Not fat, really muscular. So what do I do, I try fighting him. Ha ha ya I know stupid. At first he beat me in like 30 seconds. But know I am learning to defend myself and in no time I will be causing damage to him to. But it is pretty fun. It is a good way to let a little stress out and just have a little fun. My newby doesn’t want to so I have to fight the big zone leader. I did divisions with him for two days this last week. We went into a little poorer area and we found a lot of good people. We had an awesome lesson with a lady named Pilar. She felt the spirit really strong and she is reading the book of mormon. Also me and elder briceño found a lady that just moved for Buenos aires. And she Is reading the book or mormon right now too. We have a lot of good people that we are working with now we just have to help them get to church. One cant come because the husband doesn’t know a lot about us so he doesn’t want her to go. But we are going to talk to him this week so that he can feel confortable and maybe to a tour of the church. My newby is doing better. He is not so tired all the time and not complaining as much. Ha ha he is getting use to missionary work. Yesterday we had to speak with forty people in the street to meet our goal and we talked to 3 people in English. Which is really really weird. One guy lived in the states so he also new all the bad words. That wasn’t very fun though. I haven’t heard some of those words in a long time. I don’t like it. But it was nice to speak in English to someone.

We only have two weeks more in this transfer. It went by really fast. I don’t know what is going to happen next transfer. I am pretty excited to find out. It will be nice to stay here in this area I like it a lot. Pretty and safer then some areas that I have had. Well I hope you all have a great week and that you all feel better. Say hi to everyone and could you send me brentons email address?? Thanks. I love you all so much. Les quiero muchísimo. Chau chau.

Elder smith

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