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January 12, 2009

Dear Family,

Well this week was pretty good. and to answer your question mom it was steak, chicken and sausage on the grill. and it was dang good too. ha ha. but so how was atlanta?? and everything with the store. it sounds like you have been way way busy which is good. ha ha sounds fun too. it is weird that mac is already been blessed and everthing. and that is cool that this guy from the cardinals came and bore his testimony. so is bryce in school yet?? ha ha something funny, so bryce yesterday in church Gabriel didnt write a talk he forgot so 1 dont forget your talk this week and 2 elder macias had to talk. it was about goals and how important they are. i am glad you have already set the goal of getting Call of Duty 6 and that is in like 10 months i am glad you are thinking ahead. ha ha.

so lets see. brittany and mom. could you print out all the letters i send you and also all the letters you send me. my mail box is goind to fill up soon so i will have so erase some of them. thanks a bunch. so lets see this wee. we had zone conference. it was so good. hermana lindahl talked about turning the corner so you cant look back on your old life, the mistakes that you made or the things you wished to change.. we are on missions we need to turn the corner and look forward. no looking back. look forward and create your life for the best. she did so good. she had an amazing spirit. and her spanish is coming along so fast. but so i bought The Testaments for like 2 dollars which i really liked and i also got the liahona for november. the confernece talks.. i guess we dont get ensigns outside of the us. so i will only get liahonas. oh well. ya so before the mission i wouldnt read anything in the ensign if i didnt have too. i really didnt realize the importance. but teaching the restauration and how we actully have a prophet on the earth and i now see the importance of this i have been starving for the ensign. elder macias and i read like 3 talks a day. i love reading the talks, the talks i esspecialy liked. was of elder aidukatis about the book of mormon and elder scott about the priesthood. oh they were good. and i love reading these talks.

so guess what. i hit two months in argentina yesterday. ya crazy. it have been both fast and slow but ya two months here in argentina and four months from home. so i think is was wednesday we were in a neighborhood. and it started to pour. it was raining so hard. and there arent any members that i knew in this neighboorhood. so we just stood under like a little roof that stuck out about a foot and tried not to get wet. ha ha but we did we got pretty wet. but it was fun becuase then when we were walking home we were slipping all over the place in the mud. ha ha it was good. and then last night it raing pretty hard too. we were about 15 minutes from the appartment and we had to walk back in the rain .. we were soaked but it was fun. ha ha it was fun.

so on saturday we had an activity with the young single adults in the stake. they are helping go around and make sure if the ward list is right. to see if they still live there and if there address is right to we have an upto date ward list. and we helped show them around bermejo. so it was pretty fun to be with all them.

so last night we did a thing that elder macias really wanted to do and so did i. we went to an evangelist church. ha ha we were waitng outside for the pastor and this like 8 year old came up and started talking to us about our beliefs and everything so he went to get the pastor. he took us in his office and we talked we said we were just here to see how your church was and if you want us to read something from the bible we could. he didnt want us to talk so we just watched. buut before he showed us the church and we invited him to come see our church. we taught him about the church and had a short lesson with him. we then watiched the service. i know so much more stronger that we have the truth. wow is this church true. so they started out by having one guy at the front and they sing songs. everyone stood up and had there hands in the air and were singing. abre mis ojos oh cristo. abre mis ojos te pido yo quierro verte. ha ha it means open my eyes oh christ open my eyes i ask thee i want to see you. but to see a fourty year old man getting really into it was just funny. but at the same time really sad. because these people are mistaking a good feeling with the spirit. we did now feel the spirit at all. i cant wait for this pastor to come with him family and actually feel the spirit. it was good because ha said if we come back next week he might let us get up in front and talk to the congregation. i cant wait. ha ha we are going to baptize him his family and his church. ha ah no but really we have the truth.

so i just want to tell you all i love you so much and how much you mean to me. i love you

elder smith

here are some more picutures.

5. me and elder rossi, he is from paraguay
4. me and elder rossi again
3. here are two zones. guaymallén and San Luis
2. me and elder macias with the same tie that we gor at the christmas party
1. edler elford and me he is from canada.

i love you elder smith

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