Sunday, July 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

Here are some pictures.
1. this is a families grave cite. you can see inside and everything. it was really cool.
2. elder mendoza and i writing you all one day.
3. these are the tacos that we have when we go to mendoza for mission counsel. SO GOOD!!!!
4. these are all the elders that went to mission counsel.
5. this is the bus we went in. it is like first class everything. REALLY FUN.
6. elder mendoza and i
7. this is when they gave me the wine and we didnt know what to do.
8. elder mendoza and his wine.
9. this is the tie and the medallions that elder and i won from president lindahl.
10. here is some of the grave cites. it is really weird how they do it.
11. graves.
12 graves.
14. graves (about to put someone in)
15. a grave house.
16. inside a grave house.
17. inside a grave house.
18. inside another grave house. this one was way weird.
19. one of the pathways in the grave yard.
20. 21 22. some more grave stuff. i liked this little statue thing.
23.this is the main walkway.
24. this is a huge grave house for people from spain. i guess that is how they did it back in the day.
25. this is a statue on one of the grave houses.
26. i am giving a sermon to elder mendoza and rodriguez.
27. 28. more grave stuff.
so here were the pictures. i hope you liked them. it was really cool to see how it is in a catholic country. love you all.

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