Thursday, July 22, 2010

February 23, 2009

Dear Famiy,
Well it sounds like everyone is doing really well. Ha ha especially Mac. What a kid burping and farting all the time. That a boy. Well he isn’t really like me anymore. I guess I kind of stopped that. I really don’t do it as much anymore. Well sometimes. But not like I use to. Ha ha so something funny really quick. So last night I saw my jeans in my draw and I thought I would try them on because I haven’t worn them since my first p day here. And in the mtc I was going to leave them because they were kinda tight on me and didn’t know if I was going to want to wear them. But I brought them anyways and tried them on last night. Ha ha they are kind of big on me. They are for sure not tight on the legs anymore and they are definitely not tight around the waste. I can take them off without unbuttoning them. Ha ah it made me feel good. But ya I still haven’t weighed myself in a while. But I am pretty sure I am still losing because I have to make another hole in my belt. Yay. I am not going to lie. Starting the garden sounds pretty fun right now. It would be nice to help out with something like that. We always ask to help people that are working outside and they just laugh at us. WE KNOW HOW TO WORK. But they don’t know that. And they are really prideful and want to just do it themselves. Oh well one day I will be able to work like that again. So Emily to answer your question. Ya you can attach pictures. But it is still good to get pictures too. Oh ya. I got three of the little yellow packages. Thanks for the cards and they socks and the pictures. They are awesome. It was nice to see all the pictures from Christmas. With josh singing and everything. Looks good josh.
So yesterday we were walking back from church with an investigator and I finally realized that missionaries walk at a really fast speed. Ha ha we were walking back and I just couldn’t walk that slow it was bugging me so much. But he was just walking normal speed. I guess when I am done with my mission I will just have to slow it down a little. But one of the families that we are teaching they told us to be safe when we are walking home. And Diego said, oh it is ok they walk really fast they will get there in no time. And it is true we walk really fast. Ya I don’t know why I just told you that, but now you know we walk fast.
So lets see. We went to Belén’s house this last week. And she told us she has been reading from the for strength of youth pamphlet. So when we got there we asked if she had any questions. She said no. but then she said. Man now I have to get rid of almost all my clothes. I cant wear those clothes anymore. Ha ah that was awesome to hear. She is really changing her life around. She is a really cool girl and she will be strong in the church.
So this Friday was zone conference. It was such a good conference. The zone leaders had a special transfer because of a problem in another zone so one of our zone leaders was transferred a day before zone conference so the zone leaders but together a conference in one night. It was still good. They used a parable of Jesus and is was really good and spiritual. And then Hermana Lindahl talked about when Jesus raised Lazurath from the dead and had them take off his grave clothes. And how we need to take off our grave clothes and start our life again. Our graves clothes are our old sins and our old life. It was such a good talk and her Spanish is getting so good. And president talked about teaching families and how he wants us to double our numbers and teach more. Then they showed a new way to transfer from one companion to the other while teaching. It is called the limpia parabrisa. Windshield wipers. It is just a new way to teach with out pauses and teach when you are ready. So we practiced it with our companions and then president had two missionaries go out into the plaza and find someone that would come in and listen to our message. Ha ha first they brought in a drunk so we just all shook his hand and he left. Then they found a really cool guy. And two sisters taught him using this new method. It was way good. Haha the funny thing is that this guy was taught with forty missionaries watching him. I would have been scared to go into that church. Ha ah but it was really really cool. They also challenged us to read the book of mormon in 66 days. It tood Joseph smith 66 days to translate it so we are reading it in 66 days. It is going to be really good. The only problem is i just got done with 2nd nephi and now I am starting over. Ha ha oh well.
Well this Saturday we are baptizing the friend of Belén. So another baptism yay. But other than that everything is good we are going to play soccer today and it will be fun. I love you all so much.
Elder Smith

1-me and elder riggs and elder berezay
2-zone conference, the missionaries of our appartment
3-the arces. it is their third mission. they are machines
4-me and elder sullivan my zone leader

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