Saturday, July 24, 2010

April 5, 2010

dear family,
wow, crazy things are going on in the world. earth quacke in california. things just keep happening. was it a bad earth quake? it must have been pretty big if jenna felt it in the hospital. that is crazy. i cant tell if there are earth quakes here. everytime i get worken up in the night i cant tell if it is a earthquake or if elder mendoza is just moving. he is a big kid. haha. saturday in the opening remarks of general conference president monson was talking about the humanitarian aide that the church gave. he mentioned arizona. what happened in arizona? i dont remember hearing anything. just curious.
that is way scary that grandpa had to go to the heart doctor for that. and that janet ellsworth has cancer. it is crazy how things are changing. our family has been really blessed with good health it is just sometimes weired to hear these things is our family. i hope they are both ok. i will keep them in my prayers. we just have to be strong in the gospel and everything will be ok. keep the commandments and we will be blessed. i think it is the promise most mentioned in the book of mormon.
so i loved conference. we went a little early to make sure that we had a tv to watch it is english. we get there and the bishop told us that the tv broke. we all didnt want to watch it in spanish. yeah we would understand it but it is just now the same. i like it with their voices. so we start calling members to see if we could borrow their tv. a lot said no. we finally found a family that had one. so we paid for their taxi and they came with the tv. it was nice to year it is english but it was in black and white. i just cant get everything i want. i also did notice that they talked a lot about families and being close together in the gospel of Jesus Christ. that is something that i have noticed here. the families that are not close together in the gospel are just not as happy. they have harder times. i loved the conference and cant wait to be able to read it in may or june. (whenever the mision gets it to us).
that is crazy that chase is already going home. man time is going fast. i hit 19 months this week. ¿Qué esta pasando? that is pretty cool that chase is going to chile for a while. that should help his parents out with the spanish and everything. chilenos talk weird though. haha. he will have a mixture of mexican and chileno. that should be fun to hear. what part of chile are they going to? i wonder if is just on the other side of the andes.
JAMES GOT MARRIED!!!!! that is so weird. why would you want to do that??? a lady with three kids!!!! he is crazy!!!! i have heard of people doing that but it is just weird. how old is she? oh well. hope he is happy. So TJ is going to come back to arizona. if you see him tell him hi for me.
ya it was way sweet to win the march madness competition. it made a lot of people that werent excited for the work excited. the mission broke so many records this last month. it was amazing. we had so much fun and this little zone of villa mercedes started to be a strong zone. 13 people were baptized in march with just 5 companionships. everyone baptized atleast two people. it was awesome.
so this week we had transfers. we got some really sweet missionaries. we will have anoter great transfer. we are working still with rosa and silvana gain a testimony of the book of mormon. they are slowly getting it. they just are doubting to much. they need to follow the answeres that they are getting. we will see how it goes.
something that i like about here in south america is that if you want to watch conference you have to go to the church. people dont want to pay for a lot of buses so they just stay and chat inbetween conference sessions. inbetween one session. one member, a couple of youth and i just sat and read a chapter of the book of mormon. there were some that knew a lot and some that new a little. we just sat and read and talked about it. it was really nice. there is a kid named juan castro that is 17. he is a really spiritual kid. he has a good balance with the world and the church. he gave me a good example on sunday. it made me think about scriptures study at home. i know we didnt do it that much, but it is never to late to change. 5 or 10 minutes isnt a lot. we just have to do it. after listening to all the talks on families and teaching them and thought i didnt need to listen because i dont have kids. but i need to start practicing right now so i can do it then. if i dont do it now i wont do it then. i just have to do it. i loved this last weekend.
i love you so much. i hope you all have a good week and i hope that grandpa is feeling better. i´ll keep praying for him. les amo mucho. sigan fiel en el evangelio de jesucristo y él nos bendecirá muchísimo. les amo, chau chau
elder smith

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