Friday, July 23, 2010

May 13, 2009

Hello Family,

Well it was really nice to talk to you all on sunday. it was really nice. i hope i didnt bore anyone. but it was really nice to hear from you and to hear that everything is ok in arizona. it is also really nice to hear that bryce will be getting his eagle project done and out of the way. that will be really nice to have that done and the stress from that gone. Well this past two days not much has happened. Yesterday we had zone conference and it was really nice. It was sad though because sister lindahl didnt come because she her mom is really sick and she was staying by the phone just in case she needs to fly to the states. But it also was way fun becuase president lindahl was crazy. He was so much fun yesterday. He talked a lot about talking to the people in the street and how it should be fun not something that we hate. Ha ha and he did some examples which were awesome. He really is an awesome guy. And today for p day we played soccer again and it was really fun i just dont know what i am doing. Oh well. It also is getting pretty cold here. I left with a jacket this morning. I dont know if i am excited for the cold or not. I wont be anywhere with good heaters throughout the day. But it is better then walking in weather like you are all having now. I know this is a short letter but i just told almost everything when we talked on the phone. Well i love you all so much.
Les amo muchísimo.

Elder smith

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