Saturday, July 24, 2010

May 10, 2010

Hey family,

well it was great talking to you all last night. i can´t believe that it was the last time. but it was really nice. it was nice to here that everyone is doing good. that bryce broke his bed and he is sleeping on the floor like good old times. i have gotten over the habbit of sleeping on the ground. They just dont have comfortable carpet here. oh well. i just hope that there arent any scorpions. that´s awesome that weston has opened himself up and that he is now talking with a lot of people. he has got to be so much happier now. so what kind of plans do they have waiting for me??? that will be interesting. i hope that he gets his job back at lehi valley so that we can work together again. i think it would be nice to work at lehi valley again. i would really like too.

i hope the surgery for grandpa goes well. i heard it was a pretty easy surgery. a lot of people have catarats here too. i never even knew what it was until i came here. i wouldnt trust any doctor here to do it though. the hospitals are pretty scarry. i remember when i got my hernia. i was so scared to go into the hospitals. i was even more scared when i was in there. it is way depressing. i should have taken pictures. oh well.

i will be excited to here about chads homecoming. i cant believe his dad bought him all of that. that is so much money. a brand new car and that cell phone. oh by the way, bryce what is that new cell phones name???? i forgot. tell chad that i say hi.

So brett is eating intestines. i have gotten really lucky. i cant believe how i have not eatin intestines or stomach. they eat it all the time but i just have never eaten it with a family yet. they have all kind of weird stuff. the thing that i have tried and i just dont like is the blood sausage. it is called morcilla. it is so gross. i cant believe they eat it here. my companion likes to eat intestines they are called hígado. he just likes eating it because it is cheap but i think it is discusting looking. i am so glad we dont eat that in the states. yuck. ¡Que asqueroso! hopefully i get lucky and dont ever have to eat it.

so the assistants called us last night to tell us about transfers. want to hear something funny? elder mendoza and i are staying together. THREE TRANSFERS TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!! i am going to be with him for 4 1/2 months. that is so long. oh well. he is a cool kid. so i am staying here is villa mercedes, hipólito irigoyen for another 6 weeks. i am really glad that i am staying though. i really wanted to stay because there is a lot that can still be done and ha ha all the members know about my birthday. hopefully i get some cake :) we are still not quite sure what is going to happen with the zone. i know they are taking a couple of the elders out. they are taking two really good elders out. hopefully they send us some really good elders too.

i am going to send you some pictures of the baptism we had on saturday night. we activated a family and baptized her little girl. they are such a great family. i am glad i can stay and help them some more.

well i dont have a ton more to say. but i love you all so much. dont forget to ask irma about the mexican slang. and tell her this. irma usted sabe que los argentinos hablan mejor que los mexicanos. ya va a ver. soy muy orgulloso con castellano. jaja. pero la verdad es que nunca voy a hablar con argentinos otra vez asi que voy a estar hablando como usted con tiempo. asi que tiene que ayudarme con las palabras que ustedes usan. gracias irma. aguante argentina.

i love you all so much. tell brady and weston i say hola. have a good week. talk to you next week. chao chao

elder smith

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