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November 2, 2009

Hey family,

Well it sounds like everyone except Emily and josh had a good week. That stinks that you are sick. At least you get TV and video games. When you get sick in the mission you just get a book. I am so jealous of you all that you got to pick us rocks for family night. That just sounds like so much fun. When are we going to be done picking up rocks in that place, we have to be getting close, I hope. That is so weird that grant is already home, say hi to him for me. I am not going to lie it is weird. Like two months ago I thought I still had a LONG time left in the mission. But out of nowhere I realize that I have only ten months left. It is crazy how time works. It is worse for my zone leader who I live with. He only has about 9 weeks left in the mission. He is pretty sad. He has changed a lot in the mission. He is a really good guy. But man does time fly by. Pretty soon mac will already be a year old. I even remember the internet place where I was at when I got the email about him being born.

I liked mac´s costume for Halloween. It was funny. You are all lucky that they have that holiday there. Here they don’t do anything. We were walking on Saturday night and didn’t see one kid dressed up, I am not going to lie, it was a little despressing. I forgot it was Halloween, my comp reminded me at like 8 30 at night that it was Halloween. They need to get better holidays here. They are pretty boring with holidays here. Oh well. I officially past my two Halloweens that I will have in the mission. We also were waiting for the zone leaders on Saturday night to go shop for food for Sunday. And they didn’t get home in time so I called them up and I guess they had a problem with a companionship. Well anyways they told us to go shopping for all of us. We have a little Chinese supermarket close and we went there to buy meat and potatoes. Well they already put there meat up so we went to another one and It was closed. So we went to the super vea that I thought was always open. But no, It was closed too. So we weren’t able to buy food on Saturday night. The really bad thing was that it was fast Sunday. I WAS STARVING. Also it was the end of the week so all our food was about up. I think we ate everything there was in the house. It was the worst fast Sunday meal I have ever had. It was really sad. Oh well we just fasted a little longer and maybe I lost a pound. Hopefully.

So this last week was pretty good. I went on divisions with my favorite Peruvian, elder briceƱo. He is so funny, one of my best friends in the mission. We did a new door approach. I put a book of mormon above the door, well because he is so short that he cant reach and he said god had sent a gift from the heavens and looked up at the book. The lady smile and we explained the book of mormon and she wants to know more. We just had a lot of fun together.

We went to go look for a contact that we had and couldn’t find him. We clapped at his door and his neighbor came out. She said he wasn’t home and so we started talking to her. She just moved from Buenos aires. And she listened the first lesson. We went back the next day and they were waiting for us with chairs and water. Her, her boyfriend and her son were waiting for us. It was a really good lesson and I am really excited to see how it will go with them.

My newby has ocd with being clean and stuff, which is hard in argentina. Well anyways he has been washing his shirts after like one use. He will learn after a while. Also we have been getting him out of his shell. He is pretty deep in his shell. I was too when I was first starting. But you have to have fun on the mission too, we are teaching him that. My zone leader is a really buff kid. But I still fight him, I lose everytime. Every time. But it is still fun. Actually it hurts a lot, but I will win one day. I will just keep doing my push ups every morning.

I am really excited for this week. We are going to have a good week and we are going to be working with the members a lot more. I am was excited. The bishop is helping us out a lot and we are going to have a lot of success. I hope that I don’t leave this area this transfer I want to stay at least one more. Before I forget, could you get my brentons email address. Well family, so that I can get some pictures to you I will have to go. I hope you all have a great week,. I love you all so much. Les amo mucho. Chau chau

Elder smith

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