Friday, July 23, 2010

July 20, 2009


Hey well it sounds like everything is awesome. Emily seeing evil devil dogs, jenna buying a fridge and all that good stuff. Brenton talking in church which means he is leaving in two days. Wow that came quick. I wont see him for almost three years. 2 years and 10 months. Long long time. So you are all going to go camping again. Sounds like fun to get out of the heat. It has been chilly hear. Not cold but not hot. But a lot better then 113 degrees.
So this week was pretty good and pretty bad. We have been helping graciela to accept a baptismal date and she just wants some time to think about it. But she always throws in clues that she is going to get baptized. Like for example. She knows that i am probably leaving this area on Wednesday and she said that she is going to send me a picture of her baptism. So we are just helping her with that. We did service at her house this Saturday. She had a ton of tumble weeds so we burned them. I felt like i was with grandpa all overagain. Ha ha, we burned a lot of tumble weeds and it was fun. We had a good week and found some good people. We also did a activity in one of the braches to help find some of the inactives. It was pretty fun. I went with a brother ortiz. He was way excited to be with a missionary and i felt like, hey i am just a normal kid. But he wanted to see me talk to someone in the street. He loved it and wanted to try it. So he did. He did really well. He invited them to listen to the missionaries and he got their adresses. He loved it. He said it gave him goose bumbs. It was pretty fun. I told he need to do that everyday.

The bad part abut the week is that i have had diarhia. So we could be far from the house or the church. It stunk. I just want it to leave. But i am working on it. So today for pday we went to a dinasour museum. It was pretty fun and boring. They people thought that we didnt speak spanish so they had an english translator. I understood more in spanish then i did the english speaker. She did good but i liked the spanish better. We also went to a earthquake simulator that is really like an earthquake. You are in a room and everying shakes. The floor the walls, everything. It was really fun. I dont every want to experience it in real life but it was fun.

Well i still dont know about transfers. The assistants werent finished last night. So i still dont know what is going on but i will tell yu what happens next week. Well i hope you al have a good week and are safe. Remember to read your scriptures everyday. Les amo mucho, chau chau.

Elder smith

here are some pictures of the dinasour thing.

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