Tuesday, June 22, 2010

January 5, 2009

Dear Family,

how you all doing? i am doing just great. so these past two weeks have been hard in the missionary work category becuase of the holidays. argentines love hollidays. and they love not being in the streets or opening doors on holidays either. so it was a slow working weak but this next week will be amazing. we are goind to work hard and find a lot and get a lot in church. so lets see. new years was ok. we are dinner and la familia colloa our branch president. we ate chicken and it was pretty good. we ate ate 930 and had to be in the appartment by 1030. but and 1200 we were woken up by all the fireworks. i mean a lot of fireworks. it was way crazy. ten times worse then christmas. but it was cool to watch them from our window. but this week was also really good becuase we finally have a fridge. it is nice to have cold water and today i can buy milk and yogurt and all sorts of good stuff i am pretty excited. ha ha so some funny stuff that happend this week. elder macias and i were walking in this neighborhood and a little kid yelled to his mom. mama mire un grande y un pequito. ha ha he said look mom a big one and a little one. it made us laugh pretty hard. and made me feel tall for once in my life. ha ha. hhmmm what else. or we went to visit this inactive family and she gave us milk. not just any milk she put three scoops of baby powder milk in a cup with two spoonfulls of sugar and then really hot water. we hat to drink hot baby milk. it was gross thinking about it so i just hurried and downed it really quick. ha ha wierd. so there is an elder in the mission his name is elder jensen. and we always hear his stories. but one of his stories is that a little like 14 year old kid walked up to him and asked him how to say a really bad word in english. he told him oh the worst word in english is ¨nice tie¨ ha ha so the next day this group of friends go up to them and yell ¨nice tie¨ and he yelled thank you and the group of kids ran away. so ya i thought that was way funny. nice tie. another funny thing was we were walking home and there was this only lady sitting on the ground so we asked if she needed help she said ya a fell and i cant get up. ha ha so we helped her up and that was that. but she had fallen and couldnt get up. ha ha i thought it was funny. one more thing so pedro our landlord thinks i look like russel crow. so he is always calling me. gladiator. so my new name for him in gladiator. ha ha i dont think i look like him do i? well not much has happened it was a slow week. but next week we are going to see miracles. i love you so much family.

elder smith

here are some pictures. a picuter with a family in the branch familia maraƱon. me with a drunk pig. elder macias and i. elder matson, gasser lewis and i and can rember the other but here it is. love you

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