Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

FELIZ CUMPLE JENNA!!!!! THE BIG 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I can´t believe Jenna is 25. She is getting pretty old. It is pretty crazy how time is going. I hope you had a good birthday. It sounded like you had a fun time. Keeping it simple. That is how I like it. Mac (Pichón) sounds like a really fun kid. I guess until now it seems like I will ever be meeting him. I am really excited to meet the little one. He sounds really funny. We have an investigator that has a kid about the same age as him. She is really quiet and shy, I don´t think the parents were the best people before we showed up. But I am way excited to see him.

That is horrible about Brady. That just sounds so painful and hard. I hope he is doing ok. I can´t even imagine the pain he is in right now. That has got to be so hard. Hopefully he gets better and up and walking soon.

That is really cool that the stake center is going to be done so soon. That is like a month and half more. Or in missionary time, in one more transfer it will be up. That is cool that all the wards that interest me are in the same building. Our ward, the Arboleda Branch and the singles ward. The good thing is that it is right in front of the house and at 1230. I have gone to church at 9 for the past two years. It is going to be weird to go to church in the afternoon. But I am going to like it more. It sounds like it is going up fast. I am glad they put street lights in. It should help out with the punks that go out there all the time.

So I might be working in the store for a while. That sounds good with me. Whatever will get me going will be good with me. What ideas does grandpa have in that brain of his? I guess I will be seeing. I owe him a lot anyways. That is the least I can do is to help him.

This week was good and bad at the same time. A lot of good things happened and also a hot chocolate party that got me really mad. That may sound weird right now but you will find out. The people we baptized last weekend are doing great. She (Matilde) is doing everything she can to help her family know the importance of the church. She is so awesome. She is going to be the first Relief Society president. She just doesnt know it yet. Her husband is catholic and her inlaws are J-Dubs. She has had to fight to get baptized but she did. So did her daughter. The Morales Family is doing really good too. All the girls in the family have been reading about temple marriage and we talked with them about how important it is. It is going to be harder for them just because they will have to look really hard for someone to go with them. They are doing great though. They love reading and going to church. Sounds like a great way to strengthen a testimony. The Montaña family is doing great to. The bishop is going to set a goal with them about going to the temple next year. Sonia is really excited. That is why the week went so well. All of the recent converts that are there since I have been there are doing really well. The only thing that I didn´t like was that the Zonda wind came it for like two days today. It really messes with my head and is just so dusty. There are branches falling everywhere and it just is horrible. It just happened to be a day when all the people who we had appointments with weren´t there. It was a great day. Also on sunday, right in the same time as church they had a hot chocolate party. Something that the politics do to win votes. But they had hot chocolote and were giving away free stuff. Well a lot of the members and all the investigators thought it would be a better idea to go there than church. I was pretty upset but they have there agency and are able to do what they want. It is just sad that they chose that. We had a good week anyways. We had about 15 members go. That is pretty good for Zonda.

Today we went with and investigator named Ramón and a kid named Johnny to climb a mountain. It was way fun. It was a little bigger than I thought. They thing I have noticed is that Argentines don´t believe in switch bakcs. I have never been so greatful for switch backs. There trail just went pretty much strait. It was the steepest train that I have ever been on. My legs are dead. We hiked up and played Uno. I guess our investigator doesnt know that saints and virgins can´t do anything for you because he lit candle for the virgin up on top. Everyone was saying how great the virgin is up there and there wasn´t even one there. I think someone stole it and just left the little house thing. But was really fun. It wasn´t a really clear day, there was a lot of dust in the air. But it was still really cool. I´ll be sending some pictures.

Something pretty cool. We are going to be on the Zonda radio next saturday. they want to hear why and what we are doing here. I am really excited.

Ok. So Emily wants a shirt. Sounds good. I have seen one that she might like. I am just going to have to make a guess on the size. I am going to buy some fake jerseys and some other stuff. I think 200 more should be good. I really have no idea. Just do what ever you can. I dont want to spend a lot of money if there isn´t any. If 200 is good that I am fine with that. What ever you can do. I will just be making some guesses on what I bring home. There isn´t a lot of difference in clothing here and there. So I will just hope I get lucky with finding stuff.

I love you all so much. Fight to the end. Man I cant believe it already september. I love you.


Elder Smith

here are some pictures, if you dont get them, i will explain latter. i dont have time right now. love ya alll

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