Monday, October 17, 2011

September 6, 2010

Hey Mom,

HAHA, all the members are asking how you are doing and I have told everyone that my mom doesn´t say much about me going home. Everyone says, oh she is dieing inside. It is pretty crazy. This is really like my last email. I don´t know how next week is going to be. We will see. It is really crazy, it still hasn´t hit me yet. It still feels like Grandma said, that I still lack a long time and that I still have more to do. I don´t think it will hit me until next week. It is sad. It is going to be sad this sunday after church there is Zonda. I leave church there to go to the terminal to go to the offices. I am going to take a big picture with everyone there. I hope everyone goes. We will see how it goes.

I am having a hard time with what to buy people because I don´t want to spend a lot of money but I want stuff to remember it by and I want to get you all some stuff. I will do my best. If any of you want anything special tell me today because I will read it tomorrow morning when I have to write my end of the mission letter. I have bought some stuff. What do you want mom? Tell me something that you think you would like, or ask Tanner´s mom what she liked from Argentina and I will get it for you. All the things just seem normal for me now. Ask her and tell me tomorrow.

That is cool that Elder (Sam) Lewis is getting married. I´ll need to visit him after the mission, see how she is. I am proud of him.

I hope Brady feels better. That has to be so hard. I can´t believe that Kylie is leaving next week. It is kind of funny that we miss eachother by so little. She is going to have a great time. Hopefully she has a fun week before she goes into the mtc. Her mission is probably a lot colder than mine. Hers is going to be a lot more humid than mine. But I will pick dry heat over humid heat anyday. She is going to have a blast.

We have had a really good week. A lot of really good lessons with the recent converts. We are really trying to strengthen them so that they stay strong. I don't have a ton of time today but I will try to write more next week and if not we will see each other in a little bit.

I love you,

elder smith

I will write a little more tomorrow. Make she you write me and tell me if the money is in there or not. thanks mom.

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