Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 16, 2010

Dear Family,

That is so sad that Brady broke his femer. I can´t even imagine. That has to hurt so badly. I hope he is ok. That is just bad luck to break it right before school. Hopefully he will be able to get around ok. Well I guess he wont be doing much when I get home. Just sitting around. Poor little kid.

So Chad is married. I rememberd when we were in the bus on the way home like friday night that he was married. I can´t believe it. It is going to be so weird to know that he is married. Man he did that fast. Like was like 3 months or maybe a little more. It sounds like he is happy and I sure hope he is. He is such a good kid. So Logan still isnt doing to good. That is so retarded. It is so sad that he fell into that. I hope he can get out.

That is really funny about the field is black and already to harvest. That is so awesome. It is sad but true. Everyone loves going to the poor areas. No one wants to go to the city of Mendoza when you go can go to a poor place. It is sad that there is such a big differnce but there is.

So I was talking with my companion about the nephite lamanite thing. Actually it has never came up. But we were talking about it and I don´t think it has anything to do with what she thinks. Ok, God had to do something with the people of nephi and laman to show them apart. God made a promise with the people of nephi when they were obedient. God made the lamanites darker so that they could easily tell who were the ones following God. Really for God I don´t think that the color really matters because at one time the lamanites were more righteous then the nephites and the kept their color. But in this part of the book of mormon the nephites were righteous so what God did is changed that lamanites color to show that they repented and where not part of the lamanites. Mainly I think it is to just tell them apart. It just happened to be at this time that the nephite where righteous who had white skin so God took the curse away from them that they got from Laman. When it says they were made fair, I dont think they were talking about looking better just the skin turning color. There can always be doubts that people have. There are some things that the book of mormon talks about that are all new and may be a little different. Really, it all comes down to the big question. If a person really wants to know if the book of mormon is true just try the promise that moroni gives. Just ask God. It may seem so simple. But it is in the end of the book of mormon for a reason. We just try the word and then ask God. Elder Frost and I are telling everyone right now. It is amazing those that really have real intent and faith in Christ get an answer and it is so much easier. Doubts shouldnt stop people from reading. Really doubts can only be resolved my praying and reading. This doubt she has about the skin color is a legitament doubt but a doubt can always be resovled through prayer.

I havn´t gotten any information about when I am going home or anything. I have no idea when I will get it either. I just know the day is the 15th of September. It is coming up so fast. It kind of hit me yesterday in church. I am going to miss argentina so badly. It is just so ghetto and fun. I love it. I am also going to miss being in a spanish speaking country. I will just have to get some mexican friends. Learn there kind of spanish.

This week was really good. Elder Frost is still so new and it is so fun to be with him. He is a really good guy. Really funny and really is trying hard. He is really trying to not ever talk about home which is helping me stay focused. It is just sometimes like a machine. I am opening him up a little bit right now. He just has to be able to find the middle staying focused but not being a machine.

We had a lot of success this week. Elder Frost came from a pretty hard area and I don´t think that did a ton of teaching and here in Zonda we are teaching a ton. Everyday he is so happy and so excited.

We are teaching a girl named Viviana. She is doing great. She reads everything we leave and knows it is true. Like I said, real intent and faith in Christ. She just read really wanting to know if it was true and she knows it is true. She went to a primary activity from the stake. Which really helped her see that there are more then 15 mormons in the world. Her boyfriend went to church yesterday. Church went pretty bad. There were more investigators then members. I dont know what happened but almost every member was busy yesterday and three members went and 4 investigators. It was pretty sad. But I guess things like that happen. It was fun still. I think they all felt the spirit which is the important thing.

Well mom, if i find anything out about when i go home or anything i will let you know.

i love you all so much.


love elder smith

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