Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9. 2010

Hey Family,

How´s everything going? Hopefully really well. I don´t think moms email worked because I didn´t get her letter but I got Emily´s and Grandma´s. That is sad that Josh´s grandpa died. Even though they weren´t very close that is still sad. So Annie is pregnant. That is crazy. There are so many new babies in the family. There are three right now that I don´t know and another one coming. Atleast I will be home for Annie´s. That really is weird that Lindsay had a baby. It is going to be weird with all the new ones in the family. Especially Mac (Pichón). I am pretty excited to meet him. He seems like a really cool kid.

That is sweet that Brittney and Dustin were sealed in the temple. They have got to be really happy. What a great blessing it is to have the temple in our lives.

I can´t believe that Bryce and Kaylee are starting their senior year. That is to crazy. They still seem way to small to be seniors in high school. When I left they were sophmores. It is crazy how time goes by. My mission is flying by. I don´t get where the time is going. The weeks just feel like days now. I have been in Zonda for 7 weeks. It seems like I just got here. But I am loving it. I don´t know a lot of what happened this week in the family so I will just go into the week that I had.

This week was really good. Elder Vazquez went to Albardón, another part of San Juan. Only about 45 minutes away so I will still see him. My new companion is Elder Frost. He is from Prescott. He is a really good Elder. He is helping me out a lot. He is pretty new in the mission. He has been here for about 4 and a half months but he is speaking really well. Everyone loves the way that he talks. Everyone in Zonda has had people that can speak pretty well, everyone has had atleast more than a year in the mission. He is the newest missionary that has ever gone to Zonda. We were saying a prayer in a families house and one of the kids just started laughing like crazy. He just thought the way that he talked was really funny. I almost started laughing just because the little kid thought that it was so funny. He is the third member of his family to serve a mission. He is really going to help me finish the mission well. I am doing really well actually. I know some missionaries that don´t do anything their last transfer. I just don´t get how they can do that. I am trying my hardest do just do the best I have ever done. I have 5 more weeks to just kill it out there. It is going to be really sad to have to leave Zonda. Zonda is doing really well. It is probably my favorite area that I have had. It is so different just because it is so new. I love it.

This week we werent in Zonda as much as usuall because of transfers. But we still had a really good week. The Montaña Family is doing great. They got baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday. I confirmed Sonia, the mom. It was the first time that I have confirmed someone. The bishopric usually takes care of that. I was suprised when they asked me. It was a really good experiece though. It was the first time that I have given anything to someone using the priesthood. I have never ordained anyone in the priesthood, I have just given blessings and baptized. So it was a relly cool experience to have to confirm someone.

On saturday when we went to the Montaña family to pick them up to go to the city for their baptism. (there is not a font in Zonda) When we got there they werent ready yet. Alejandro was still in the shower and I was kind of nervous. The water was filling up and if we missed the next bus we were going to be late for the baptism and the font was going to overflow and flood the church. So I was hurrying them along and we finally left. They have little kids so they were walking pretty slow. As we are almost do the road we see the bus come. Elder Frost and I booked it to go stop the bus. They bus driver barely saw us and stopped. We were so lucky. It we were ten seconds later we would have missed the bus and it would have been a really big problem.

We get to the church and no one is there. I was pretty mad because I had called a lot of people to go and no one came. There were three members in the baptism and 6 missionaries. It was horrible. Good thing they didn´t care. That is one thing that really bugs me. There are never a lot of people in the baptisms. But everything went well. The first one to get baptized was a girl named Luciana. As she got in her little brother started screaming NADÁ NADÁ. SWIM SWIM!!! So we had to calm them down to have the baptism. Everything went well with her. Then the mom Sonia got baptized. She took one stepp into the water and she slipped down the steps. It was pretty funny. Good thing she didn´t hurt herself. She just laughed it off. And good thing her kids didn´t see it because they would of been laughing really loudly. The other two were really good aswell. Alejandro is really tall and barely fit in the font. When Matias got in he thought it was so cool and just started laughing. It was a really good service. I liked it a lot. They all looked so happy. It really turned out really well. Everything was actually really nice.

We are teaching this girl who we were teaching her uncle. Her uncle just likes us as friends. He just likes us over to talk about anything. And most the time he doesn´t like talking about the gospel. Well as we were trying to talk about the gospel his niece Viviana was listening to us. I asked if she was interested in what we were talking about and she said yes and she also said that she is reading the book we left for her uncle. The book of Mormon. So we taught her the first lesson and set a baptismal date with her. She accepted it really well. Then at the end of the lesson a little girl game out and we asked who it was and she said it was her daughter. Then the question that I am always scared to ask because I hate getting the answer. I asked if she was married and she said no. AAAHHHH I hate that. It can take a while in Argentina to get married. Well we just went and will have to teach her about the Law of Chastity this week. But on sunday we went to her house to get her and she answered the door and I asked if she was ready. She said, ya I have been waiting. I love hearing that. She went to church and I think she really liked it. The house was full. There were twenty people from Zonda there. That is awesome. There has not been that many since I have got there. She was talking to some of the members there hopefully making some friends. I think she really liked it. Hopefully she will be able to get married fast. I want to see her baptized before I go home. I´ll keep crossing my fingers and praying.

That was about all for the week. It was really good Well I hope that you all have a great week. I love you all so much.

Elder B. Smith

the montaña family

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