Tuesday, June 22, 2010

December 30, 2008

so i have a couple of minutes left. but i will hurry and tell you a little bit about this week. well i loved talking to you all so much. it was amazing. i loved hearing all your voices. well officailly elder lewis and i are not companions no more. right now i have a different companion them elder smith too. president made a lot of changes. i am with elder macias he is from tucuman argentina. so i have a latino companion now. i am way excieted for my spanish to improve. but other then that not a lot has happend i loved talking to you. sorry my email disappeard. it really stinks. but i love you all so much. sorry brittany i did write to your three sisters too but it all got errased. so love you so much. i love you family write you next week.

elder smith

so my comp is only five foot two. ha ha yay i am taller than a comp. love you all bye. oh mom can you send me a couple pairs of those thick socks form pomeroys in a little bubble envelope package thanks i lov eyou.

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