Thursday, May 27, 2010

November 24, 2008

Hello Family,

Well this week was something else. Lets see, i guess having president lindhall as a president is so amazing. i guess president avila was way strict but was good. but on preparation days you couldnt really do anything. but with president lindhall we get to do fun stuff. last monday we went to the mall and went bowling. and today we are playing soccer. bowling was pretty fun except i am not very good at it. but we still had a lot of fun. and we went shopping i didnt get anything but elder lewis did. he got a tomba jersey. it is pretty cool. it is the team that that member plays for in medoza. but bryce to answer your question on the the messi jersey it is 249 pesos of 75 us dollars. i will get you one sometime. they are so sweet you have no idea. they are an amaing jersey. oh mom could you send me like how much money i have in my account every couple weeks or so and i want to see how it transfers it over from pesos to dollars. thanks. well this week we have a lot of investigators. we have david who on saturday was supposed to get baptized. we have everything set us and got a call from gabriel his friend who was baptising him. i think his mom was giving him trouble for getting baptized and he told gabriel that he didnt feel ready. but we are going over to his house tonight to talk to him. i know that he knows it is true i know he recieved an answer we are just going over there to help him feel comfortable and to ask Father in Heven if he should be baptized. we also have la familia barosa the mom dad and two boys. they are golden tonight we are watching the restaration with them and getting them annimated for baptism. we are trying to get 7 baptisms in december. we have to work hard. but we have two other families and two other people that we are working with. this week we are trying to get them to know the importance of going to church. but we are working on it. we found this guy on saturday. his name is alberto. we taught him the first lesson and he said that he thinks we were supposed to be here. because two hours early he got a phone call that his grandma wasnt doing good and he feels that we were sent from god to help him at this time. the only problem is that he works in buenos aires monday trhough friday. oh well we will help him. but that is about it wiht ivestigators. we are working hard with them and are trying to change up are lesson plans a little more to fit each families need.

So something a little funny about argentina is that they dont have ice cream trucks. they have old men on bikes going around selling ice cream on bikes. they ride around and blow wistles. ha ha it is funny. our branch here isn´t very big. ther are like 10 primary kids. yesterday was the primary program. ha ha lets just say mom your primary programs are golden compared to the one yesterday. it was still good but wow it was kinda funny. ha ha i have come to appreciate so many things in the states. for one this air conditioning. oh how i miss it. we had a stake priesthood meeting last night and they only builing in our stake that has ac is the stake center. i was in heaven . becasue it is so hot outside. no house has ac. and a lot of the times they dont even have fans. so after we have been walking outside in the heat we go into a hot house with no moviing air. oh i swet so much!!!!!!!!!!! well i am going to send pictures this week. theres not much but i will take more about what argentina looks. like or atleast bermejo. but i am doing fine. my feet seem to be hurting alot latley but thats ok.. i have a feeling that i am going to be way black by the time i get home. there are rarely clouds. what can i do. well i love you all so much. i cant wait to hear the articles in faith in spanish mom on christmas which is coming way quick. bryce what is flarp? keep working on scouts bryce and reading scriptures and doind homework i know they are all hard but trust me you will regret like i am now for not doing some of that stuff. i love you little brother. jenna i hope mac and you and todd you good in the next couple weeks i cant wait to see pictures. emily and josh. thats so cool that you get to go to brazil we wont be to far away anymore. have fun and be safe. mom hope the store does good this christmas and hope you are doing good to i love you so much. dad i hope you are doing good. love you. there is a quote that i want to leave you all with from President Hinckley about missionary work. "It will be a great day when our people not only pray for the misssionaries throughout the world but ask the Lord to help them to assist the missionaries who are laboring in their own ward" i know now more then every how important members are in missionary work. talk witht the missionaries. see what you can do they will be so greatful and you can reap the rewards from missionary work as well i love you all so much. you are all amazing!!!!!

the picture of the girl sign is in the chruch. but anyways i love you all so much. love you. those keys are really what they use. love you

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