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December 8, 2008

Hello Famiy,

Well it sounds like that eveyone had a really good week. so did elder lewis and i. but wow i am an uncle. mac is looking pretty good. that is so cool that he is here. december 1 wow. so ya i heard that the gay marriage thing is still going strong in the states. whats us with that? is it still really big. that so sad that people are like that. but i am glad everything else is going good. and that everyone is fine and healthy. we didnt get to watch to christmas thing but i am glad it was good. we worked lastnight. it was good though. we knocked a lot of houses. a lot of houses and no one would let us in. so we figured it was the lord telling us to go to one of our investigators. we are really trying to help them get an answer to their prayers. they are so amazing it is la famili marón. the gospel would bless their lives so much. we are praying so hard that they get an answer. they are amazing.

but lets see this last week. man time is already flying i will be in argentina for a month on thursday. wow. crazy. but this wednesday we had zone confernce. i loved it. i love president lindahl and his wife. they are so amazing. i had to say the prayer and also introduce myself. i was a little nervous because i still dont think my spanish could be as good as it should. but as i was talking with people they all said that my spanish is way good for only three weeks. everyone kept asking me questions to see if i could answer. i guess it was just a little booster for the week. i sure hope my spanish is as good as they are saying it is. but it was such a good conference. they talked a lot about staying healthy and doing things to make sure you dont get sick. but it was so good. i guess on the 23 we will be having a christmas party and i will get to see the elders from the mtc. i am so excited. but christmas here is a little diffeernt. elder lewis said that the do a lot of fireworks and they drink a lot. ha ha not like the states. and it is hot which makes it feel like not christmas. but oh well we see some christmas decorations everyonce in awhile. but christmas will be different here which will be good because then i wont think to much about it.

so last week the zoo was closed so we went to Cerro de la Gloria. i have pictures but it takes a long time to load them but that should be on the internet i guess it is really big here. but it is a pretty cool statue on a big hill. it is for when they won the war that gave them their freedom. it is a cool statue and a big hill.

so this week was good and bad. so like on tuesdya i started to chaffe really bad. it hurt so bad. and we had to time to get any powder yet. it was hurting so bad i was so excited to go to la familia marón to sit down. but when we got out of their house it was hurting worse. and to top it off we had to run becasue we had to try to catch a bus because we were on the other side of bermejo and it was ten so we only had a half hour. we ran and missed the bus. i was so mad becasue i was hurting so bad. but then some really nice evangelist picked us up and took us home. . i was so greatful for them. but dont worry we got powder and the chaffing is gone.

so to update on my weight loss. lets see. i started the misssion at 230 left the mtc at 222 and now i am 94 kilos which is like 207. so i weighed last week so i have been losing about 5 pounds a week. ya crazy. but i like it. i know pretty soon i will have to get my close tailored. but i am really liken it. hopefull i will still lose weight like this.

so we went to this lady´s house and we shared a message about christmas. as i was saying the prayer she started mumbling something. it scared me so i kinda stopped praying. and was trying to figure out what was going on.. it was so weird. she was mumbling and sounded like some demon thing. i hurried and ended the prayer and we got out of there. it was the weiredest thing it the world.

so yesterday we knocked a door and it sound like someone was coming to the door. someone opened the door and a dog poked his head out of the door and looked at us. he was at eye level. so me and elder lewis just laughed. but then the dog opened up the door all the way and came out. it was HUGE and scary looking. elder lewis and we either about ready to kick the dog or run. we were terrified because we didnt see a chain. but then finnally we say a rope and knew we were safe. but oh my goodness it was scarry.

so this satruday we ate at la familia chauque. they gave us a lot of food and i thought we were done. then she brought out a soup and by then i was so full i couldnt eat anymore. then she also had dessert. she came in and said. Who dosnt want deseret? i was thinkg in my head. me hermana i dont want any. i am so full but i had to eat it ant it was flan that didnt taste very good. oh i felt horrible after that. but oh well.

so today for pday we went to the zoo. it was pretty cool the best part were the monkeys. they were going crazy fightiing eacc other and just running around like crazy. it was so funny.. but somehow one of the monkeys got out. so elder sullivan thought it was a good idea to touch the tail of the monkey. the little monkey turned aroung and looked like it was about to kill him.. ha ha it was so funny becuase he got so scared. oh man it was funny. but that was my week. we are trying to find more people becasue we had to drop a couple of investigators. but we have ricardo, the one whose house burnt down and la familia marón. so we are working with them tryig to get them to church. and everything is good.

something that i have learned to not like here is the word mirá. it means look. i hear this so many times. mirá, soy católico. yo respeto su relígion. pero no. no guerro escuchar. it means. look i am cathlic. i respect your rilgion but i dont want to listen. if they only knew what this message would do to them and their family. it would change their lives for the good. i wish they would just be able to see that. but i will keep trying. i saw today that the us dollar is at 3.42 that means stuff will be cheaper for me. yay. but family, i love you all so much. you mean the world to me. i hope everyone is safe and happy. i lov eyou all more then you can imagine. til next monday

elder smith

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