Thursday, May 27, 2010

December 1, 2008

Well hello family,

everything is fine here in argentina. yesterday the weather was amazing it didnt rain but it made walking around alot better. we finally had a break from the heat and i slept witha blanket last night. well to answer some questions. my debit card doesnt expire did i get back so that is good. but i am so glad to hear that there are three new babies now in mesa. wow i am an uncle right now. weird. but cool. well i hope you thanksgiving was really good. we actually had a really good thanksgiving too. we have some pretty good investigators right now. so we went to a lot of them on thursday. we dont really eat dinner because the lunches are so big. but la familia maron invited us to eat with them. they are from peru so the food actually had some spice to it. it was so good. so thanksgiving was differetn. a lot different but fun at the same time. so we finally got a refrigerator but it dosnt work that good so we have to get it fixed. i have been going this whole time with out one but we have been fine. i am still getting use to the food here. it just isnt very flavorful but i guess when you are here for a while you get used to it. ya so last week we played soccer as a zone. i scored three goals and it was so fun. we had one native play with us the totally blew us away. he was so good. and we have to play during the siesta or during the middle of the day so everyone was so burnt. except me i got darker. i am going to be black when i get home.

the funniest thing on the mission happened last thursday. ha ha we opened the mouth why we were on the way to an appointment. and they guy we were talking to was talking bad about the church and missionaries. he just wasnt being nice. ha ha and then some dog ran up to him lifted his leg and peed all over that guys leg. i had to try so hard not to just crack up laughing. he deserved it though. he was being mean. man i love that dog. oh something else that was funny so on one cuadra or block. which these blocks arent very long we say 21 dogs. it was so funny that is our record right now with 21 dogs on one block. this week we are realy working on getting people to church i think we have 16 investigators right now and so we are trying to get them all to church this next week. in all reality only like 3 will show up but we have to invite them all.

well i am so glad that everythig is going good. that the store is busy and that everyone is happy. oh mom i am going to pull out like 90 pesos today like right after i am done here so just check and see how it takes it out in dollars. well i am glad to hear everyone is ok. mom my feet only hurt because i walk all day. everyones feet hurt i guess like the first month but right now my feet are just fine. so dont worry. i am doing good. i hope you are all enjoying the nice winters in mesa. i cant wait until like march when it starts to cool down. bryce call of duty 5 already came out? i love all of you so much.

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